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Al Adib for Industry and Commerce was established in 1976, as a professional plant in the field of binding.
 Since its establishment it emphasized on goodness so it developed progressively. In 1994 there was a considerable move in the policy and work of the plant that transferred it to a company which adopts in addition to goodness a distinguish style and achieving the industrial priority, depending on young creative staff. In a short time it was able to prove itself in the local and Arab market, and still we seek in early time to enter the world market.
In the year 2001 a department of tourist services was established specialized in manufacture and trade the tourist products according to the market urgent need of the market to a product that suits the cultivated appearance of Syria and achieves the national targets of the company. By adopting this department the approach and the policy of the company, it could by God's will and in short time allocate an extra and distinguished place in the Syrian Markets.

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