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The Company Mission and Beliefs:

An Arab Syrian commerce and industry company has economic, social, and national targets that adopts distinction and credibility an approach and a slogan, we believe in God, his majesty ability and ambition is limitless…..

•  We believe that God has created us to worship and build his Earth, and building the earth starts by building the human being, his work, his soul, himself and his body.

•  We believe that everybody has his own role and aim in this life, this aim will be most sublime when it is public and not personal.

•  We believe in the possibility of gathering between the private, industrial and commercial aims and the human, social and national aim at the other hand.

•  We believe that building the society and its development is every individual's responsibility and duty.

•  We believe that money and work are a device and not a purpose and that worshiper's boon is the responsibility of the worshipers' God

•  We believe that life is short and mortal.

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